Doctors Best Weight Loss review

Although weight loss supplements have always been a popular topic within the health community, I personally never gave them a fair chance. I always based my diet decisions on my knowledge, and so far, it has worked well.  

However, I live a busy life that includes a full-time job, house chores, and other countless daily tasks. With all of that on my plate, I find it harder and harder to dedicate some of my precious time to organize my keto balanced meals.  

That’s when I was recommended a company called Doctors Best Weight Loss by a good friend of mine. This company offers a large variety of healthy snacks, meal replacements, as well as supplements & vitamins online. They have hundreds of products and lots of categories, including a keto-friendly section 

Ordering from Doctors Best Weight Loss

 4 Week Keto Plan Doctors Best

Wanting to give it a try I ordered their 4-week Keto Plan, which arrived within a few days. Pretty quick for free delivery (yay to their free shipping if you spend $69 or more!).  

Within the box I found: 

  • 2 boxes of KetoFX Powder (orange-flavored drink mix) 
  • 2 boxes of Protiwise protein drink  
  • 2 boxes of Protiwise wafers 
  • 2 boxes of strawberry-banana gelatin (tastes nicer than it sounds) 
  • 2 boxes of Protiwise protein bars (various flavors) 
  • 4 boxes of Protiwise soups (various flavors) 
  • 4 boxes of Protiwise Pudding & Shake mix (various flavors)  

Looking at all these boxes I felt relieved that for the next four weeks I won’t have to think about what I’ll be eating. At the same time, worried as I wasn’t sure how well this diet will work for me. But I made a commitment and I stuck with it. 

Two weeks in 

Now, I am two weeks into my 4-Week Keto Plan, and I must say that I’m feeling really good. The food is surprisingly delicious considering it’s coming out of a box. And it’s definitely nutritious as my energy levels are just as high as before. 

I still have two more weeks to go before I can give a full review of this brand. But so far I’m impressed at how well I am feeling. Also, not having to stress about what I’ll be eating every day lets me focus on other tasks, which is a welcome relief.


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